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Before vision therapy or rehabilitation can be initiated, a few diagnostic examinations will need to be performed in order to determine the specific recommended treatment plan for each patient:

1.  Comprehensive Eye Exam

Patients will be required to have had a comprehensive eye exam performed within the last 12 months.  Our office is more than happy to perform the examination during the initial visit with Dr. Parker-Herriott.  If the patient has had a comprehensive exam within the past year, the previous exam records are required to be sent to our office at least 24 hours prior to the first appointment with Dr. Parker-Herriott.

Time:  Approximately 45 minutes

2.   Binocular Vision Examination (BVE)

Examination performed to determine how both eyes work together. This exam uses prisms, lenses, and “flippers” to evaluate and determine whether the eyes are working together adequately (binocular vision). Oculomotor (tracking) ability is assessed, as well as the ability to accommodate (focus).  Immediately following the BVE, a treatment recommendation can be made and scheduled with our vision therapists in-office.

Time:  Approximately 90 minutes

3.  Perceptual Evaluation

A 90-minute pen-and-paper assessment measuring how the brain and eyes coordinate to process visual information needed for learning (performed with a vision therapist).  Patients experiencing difficulties in school or work, such as those with poor handwriting, difficulty staying on task (poor focus/attention), or suspected of having a learning disorder, are required to undergo this assessment in addition to the BVE.  This testing can also assess patients with difficulties with convergence insufficiency or a tracking disorder.

Time:  Approximately 90 minutes

**4.  Therapy Consultation  (only for perceptual evaluation patients) 

The perceptual tests are graded and scored within a week after the testing has been completed. After this, a brief phone consultation will be scheduled with Dr. Parker-Herriott.  You are not required to come into the office for this consult.  Dr. Parker-Herriott uses this time to verbally discuss the results of the perceptual evaluation and how it relates to the BVE findings.  She will conclude a diagnosis and make a recommendation for therapy, if needed.  The patient/parent will then have an opportunity to ask any questions.  A detailed report of Dr. Parker-Herriott’s findings will be made available to the patient after the phone consultation has concluded.  These letters are usually emailed after the phone consult.

For those patients that have been referred from another provider (i.e. optometrist, ophthalmologist, physician) or have had a psychological evaluation recommending our office of vision therapy, we kindly ask that you bring a copy of the report/records with you to your first visit, or arrange for the provider to send them to our office.


Once the diagnostic evaluation(s) have been completed, vision therapy/rehabilitation appointments can be scheduled by calling the office.  Please request to speak with the vision therapy staff for scheduling all vision therapy appointments. 

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